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Effective Recruiting Process



Franchise development should not be a complicated process. Franchise Sales Force (FSF) can guide you every step of the way recruiting qualified franchisees at a pace that suites your goals.

Our services include franchise marketing input and/or design, initial lead registration, candidate qualifying, materials distribution, professional Webinar presentation, FDD disclosure, Discover Day management and franchising document closing support. FSF does not provide direct lead generation services but does fully monitor and advise clients as to industry trends and provides comprehensive lead reporting. Our clients generally prefer to remain responsible for their own advertising, marketing, promotional and public relations management.

All of FSF clients own and have live interactive access to their own leads database which we maintain. To assist in your planning and forecasting, multiple candidate reports and activity analytics are immediately available to all our clients at all times.

Franchise Award Process

FSF methods are fully customized to maximize our client's specific brand strengths. FSF contributions to each of the steps below are determined to meet the budgetary and recruiting goals of the franchisor. The following process progression represents the typical candidate escalation to final franchise award. This process has proven to capture a very high percentage of appropriate qualified candidates while preventing unnecessary delays in the franchise recruiting process.

Qualification Specialist

  • Respond to the inquiry as soon as possible.
  • Gather information from the candidate.
  • Provide a brief description of the concept.
  • Send the Franchise Packet and confirm receipt when applicable.
  • Schedule next step phone call with Executive Recruiter.
Executive Recruiter Phone Call

  • Explain Recruiter role, establish trust and common agenda.
  • Outline the company strategy, mission, vision and values.
  • Get commitment from the candidate to complete a Franchise Application.
  • Schedule a Webinar or face-to-face meeting.
Webinar or Face-to-Face Meeting

  • Conduct a personal Webinar presentation.
  • Assign franchise network validation, developing questions, etc.
  • Review the FDD and franchise validation remarks.
  • Schedule a Discovery Day meeting.
Mentor Meeting at Existing Unit or Territory (Optional)

  • Organize a candidate meeting with Mentor, Franchisee or Area Developer.
  • Operations questions are addressed.
  • Candidate discusses their personal business plan.
Discovery Day Agenda

  • Tour of corporate offices.
  • Introduction to company management and support staff.
  • Tour of local corporate and/or franchise units.
  • Comprehensive discussion of company culture and support systems.
  • Discussion of brand evolution, key elements and company direction.
  • Review of pertinent FDD items and comprehensive Q&A.
  • Candidate is informed of approval process.
Approval Process

  • Approval officer(s) reviews the candidate and decides on franchise award.
  • The approval package is sent with full documentation execution details.
  • Establish a reasonable deadline for the approval offer.
  • Signed final paperwork and payment is received by the deadline.
  • Consider a deadline extension for appropriate candidates and conditions.


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