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Papalani Gelato

Your Ticket to Paradise!

Papalani Gelato® brings you the best of Hawaii with the finest Hawaiian inspired gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt, shakes and breezes. They also create hand made chocolates and premium Hawaiian coffees for any occasion. Papalani Gelato super premium artisan gelatos are available in over 50 ALL NATURAL traditional, specialty and seasonal flavors including sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and vegan options.

Papalani Gelato Sweet Success!

Consumers will go along way to experience paradise.... Papalani sees it everyday. To give you just a taste of how our unique artisan products have been reviewed:

  • Urbanspoon:
    - 94% ranked us the number 1 dessert place on Kauai.
    - Rated in top 10 of all food establishments on Kauai.
    - Ranked number 6 State wide on all dessert places.
  • Trip Advisor:
    - Rated 4.5 stars out of 5.
    - Ranked number 1 food establishments in our market.
    - Ranked the highest dessert place on Kauai.
  • Yelp:
    - Rated 4.6 stars out of 5.
    - Ranked the highest dessert shop on Kauai.
  • Google+ Business:
    - ’Extraordinary to Perfection.’
    - Rated 29 out of 30.
    - The highest overall rating on Kauai.
Efficient Multi-Unit Micro and Kiosk Locations

The Papalani Gelato business model has the capability of producing much higher revenue than the typical ’Frozen Treat Retailer’ because they have the potential opportunity to develop additional sales through:

  • More Diverse Desert Shop Style Menu
  • Sales at Primary Production/Retail Location
  • Scoop Sales at Multiple Micro Retail Only Locations
  • Event and Corporate Catering
  • Wholesale to Hotels, Resorts and Country Clubs
  • Wholesale to Upscale Grocers and Restaurants
Simple Local Artisan Production

Important to the exceptional quality of the artisan gelatos, sorbettos and frozen yogurts is the rather unique Papalani local production model. Contrary to other gelato franchises, Papalani Gelato does not require their franchisees to buy mass produced product from a company commissary. They carefully trains then provides their franchisees with local artisan production control.

This local artisan super premium micro-batch production is by far the best way to make gelato, sorbetto and frozen yogurt. It also dramatically reduces unit development cost and reduces operations overhead because one production location can support multiple micro Retail-Only locations. These micro Retail-Only stores can be 300 to 500 square-feet, are low investments, have low on-going overhead even with exceptional volume.

Get a Look at Paradise!

Papalani Gelato, like the Hawaiian islands they come from, is certainly worth the look. Contact us to learn more of our HIGH revenue LOW overhead Retail Only Stores. They are confident you’ill want your taste of paradise!

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Ideal Multiple Unit Model

Liquid Capital Required

Required Net Worth

Total Investment
$156,475 - $486,050


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