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Franchise Sales Force (FSF) is a full service franchise consultation firm that assists our clients with everything they need for successful franchise development. This comprehensive approach has lead us to numerous relationships with highly competent franchise 401(k) rollover, Small Business Administration (SBA), unsecured business loan and equipment leasing assistance. When you work with FSF, if a deal can be funded we will get it done.

If you’re looking for the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss but don’t want to take on the risk of starting a business from scratch, buying a franchise may be right for you. A perfect marriage of flexibility and security, franchising offers the benefit of being your own boss with the protection of an established business model and known brand.

The right financing of your new business can come from a number of places. In fact, most of our clients combine their primary method of financing with another option to reach their desired capital investment.

IRA 401(k) Franchise Financing

Most popular and best value, 401(k) rollover, also known as Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS), has helped entrepreneurs fund their dream of small business ownership. With ROBS, you can invest your existing retirement funds into a new business or franchise without taking a taxable distribution. Whether you’re interested in a single or multiple-unit purchase, Franchise Sales Force can help direct you to a customized funding package to meet your needs.

SBA Loans

Best for those who desire more traditional lending, Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantees small business loans for banks, making it more attractive to lend to entrepreneurs. SBA loans can provide borrowers with attractive terms and lower interest rates and are ideal when buying an existing business or a new franchise. SBA loans can also be used in conjunction with other financing options, such as Rollovers for Business Start-ups.

Portfolio Loans

Best for those who own securities, portfolio loans allow securities owners to leverage instead of liquidate. If you hold publicly traded stocks or other eligible securities and can borrow against them, this may be a great option for business funding.

Unsecured Loans

Best for those who need funding fast, unsecured loans can be a fast funding option for your new business or franchise. You won’t need any collateral to qualify and you can be funded in just days.

Equipment Leasing

Best for minimizing out-of-pocket expenses, equipment leasing is a great way to establish or grow your business without significant out-of-pocket expenses is to lease your equipment instead of buying it.

Free Consultation

In today's environment funding of your new business can be cumbersome. Contact Franchise Sales Force today to discuss how we might direct you to the appropriate business funding solution that will save you time, significant personal effort and a great deal of money! The call is Free. The advice could be priceless.

Franchise Sales Force is an affiliated company of Business Development Centers headquartered in Mount Clemens, Michigan, and has satellite offices located throughout the United States.


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